Games publisher Electronic Arts has announced that it will release a compilation of EA games from the 90s exclusively for the PSP.

The EA Replay range consist of 14 games including hit franchises such as the Strike series, Road Rash, and Wing Commander.

The complete list includes: B.O.B, Road Rash II, Budokan, Road Rash III, Desert Strike, Syndicate, Jungle Strike, Ultima: The Black Gate, Haunting Starring Polterguy, Virtual Pinball, Mutant League Football, Wing Commander, Road Rash, and Wing Commander: Secret Missions.

EA Replay will be available exclusively for the PSP system and will available in the UK on the 15 November.

In related news the company has also announced that over two million copies of Madden NFL 07 sold in America in its first week - the best performance in the 17-year history of the game franchise.

According to Microsoft, Madden players are also breaking records for online play on the Xbox360. Within 5 days of the launch, Madden players unlocked more than 600,000 achievements and logged more than 2 million hours of online game play. That's the equivalent of 228 years of online gaming in less than a week.