EA seeing a gap in the market has said that it will start producing more video games for the mobile phone market over the next year.

The plan is to bring top selling brands like the “Fifa” the “Sims” and “Harry Potter" to a mobile phone near you with a minimum of four titles for sale on all the major operator networks by the middle of next year.

While the mobile gaming business was so to take off at first, delevopements in the phone handset technology has meant that the phones themselves are better equipped to offer 3D gaming and a more interactive experience than ever before.

In the last 18 months alone, EA has managed to sell 1 million downloads of its mobile versions of Fifa 2004 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour at £5 a go.

EA isn't the only publisher looking to reap the rewards the mobile market can offer. Eidos, Ubisoft and THQ all have games either on the market or in development at the moment.