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(Pocket-lint) - EA and Dice have finally unveiled Hazard Zone, the third major mode that'll be playable as part of Battlefield 2042 when it releases in late November. The other two modes, All Out Warfare and Portal, have been out in the open for a little while now.

The latest trailer for the game confirms a series of rumours about how Hazard Zone will work, showcasing four-person squads infiltrating the huge maps from the other modes of the game, but with new objectives and gameplay elements.

The goal will be the same for all squads - retrieve a limited number of high-value hard drives and extract from the map without being defeated by the others on the map. It's a system that'll be familiar to anyone who's played Hunt: Showdown or Escape from Tarkov, and if Hazard Zone can replicate those games' tension then it'll be something special.

For now, there's loads more detail to be found on the Battlefield blog, and we know that on next-gen there will be 32 players on each server, compared to 24 on older consoles. We also know that downed teammates will be able to get back into the action via a buy-back mechanic (like the one that makes Call of Duty: Warzone so addictive).

The trailer is short and sweet, like so much of Battlefield 2042's marketing has been, so we'll have to wait until launch to dive in and try it for ourselves.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 14 October 2021.