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(Pocket-lint) - Apex Legends has carved out an entirely respectable niche for itself in the battle royale market, with its fairly unique blend of tight gunplay and unique powers making for a great blend.

That reach has seen it pass the 100 million player mark recently, but all of that's been on console and PC until now. EA's just announced, though, that the game is getting a mobile version, a big step for its potential popularity. 

Respawn's given some nice details about what to expect from the version, including the key tidbit that it won't be crossplay with console and PC players, to make sure everyone has a level playing field. 

The game will remain free-to-play, and be bespoke to mobile, with touch-screen controls and some apparent streamlining to make things easier to play on the fly - after all, between crafting and respawns the full version of Apex is no longer particularly simple!

When it comes to a timeline, the game is going to start beta testing with public users on Android in India and the Phillipines later this month, and those tests will expand to more regions and iOS over the course of the year. 

That means we wouldn't expect a full release for at least a few months, but the announcement mentions that at some point there'll be a registration page to let people sign up to try the game out. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 20 April 2021.
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