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(Pocket-lint) - With no E3 this June - and no fan experience event neither - EA has opted to host a major games reveal event online. And you can watch it live in a couple of months, on Thursday 22 July 2021.

It will "showcase" its games through a live broadcast, and there should be some heavy hitters to unveil, most likely including Battlefield 6 and the next iteration of both FIFA and Madden. 

Here, then, is how to watch it online when the time comes. 

When is the EA Play Live 2021 event?

The event will take place exclusively live, Thursday 22 July 2021, but we don't yet have an exact time for the broadcast. We'd expect it to stick fairly closely to the format EA used last year, though, which involved an afternoon/evening slot for viewers in the US - which means the middle of the night for those of us in the UK or Europe. We'll update this section with precise timings once they're known. 

Where to watch the EA Play Live 2020 event?

You'll be able to watch it right here on Pocket-lint, via an embedded video at the top of the page, once the stream's address is made public. 

Alternatively, you should also be able to watch it across different EA social media channels or its YouTube channel - or on a dedicated website here.

What to expect

We're still very much in the early days, with the existence of the presentation only just having been announced, so there isn't much confirmed for the show yet. That said, EA's lineup of franchises means we can make some educated guesses.

We'd put good money on FIFA 22 being part of the presentation - EA typically gives a first glimpse of the next sports game in its storied series around this time of year.

We also hope to find out more about Battlefield 6, which will most likely have had its first trailer or two by then. And, that we'll get an update on Bioware's next RPG in the Dragon Age series, which has similarly been getting plenty of teasing in recent weeks.

If we hear anything more concrete, we'll let you know.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.