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(Pocket-lint) - Brand new Battle Royale game Apex Legends is certainly whipping up a storm. The game has unquestionably been a surprise hit. With no real leaks or hype to speak of before launch it still managed to rack up over a million unique players in the first eight hours and went on to hit the 10 million player milestone within 72 hours. 

Now the game is at 25 million players and counting, with an incredible 2 million concurrent players diving in at one time. No surprise considering it's not only a brilliant game, but it's also free. 

Apex Legends is currently available to play on several platforms:

It's doing so well that during the recent Electronic Arts Q3 2019 earnings call, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA Games said that the company is also looking to bring the game to mobile too.

It makes sense as the next step to allow players to play on their smartphones as well - competing with both Fortnite and PUBG. 

During the call, he said: "...we think that cross-play and cross-progress is going to be a very important part of our future, and you should anticipate that we will be doing more in that space...We absolutely are looking at that in the context of Apex, and we'll be looking at that across our portfolio over time, and we think about franchises with tremendously large communities like FIFA and think that they would absolutely benefit from cross-play and cross-progress as more and more people come into these big communities."

Later on the call, he also talked a bit more about mobile too: "We are looking at how to take the game to mobile and cross-play over time, and I also expect that this game will have tremendous value in Asia, and we're in conversations about that."

There's no telling when this will happen but if the company wants to capitalise on the success and push it further it will no doubt be sooner rather than later. 

Duo and solo mode coming soon too?

Currently, Apex Legends only supports squads of three players. Many have hoped that the developers will add the ability for smaller teams and solo play too. There's now potential for that dream to become reality:

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Some clever bods have been poking about in the game code and discovered hints at the potential for both duo and solo player modes, meaning you can get stuck into the game even if you only have a smaller group or your friends aren't around. 

Of course, there's no official word from Respawn Entertainment on if or when these modes will appear, but it makes a lot of sense for the game to be updated to include them. Especially since both PUBG and Fortnite do already and if the game is coming to mobile, it'll make even more sense. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 12 February 2019.