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(Pocket-lint) - There have been plenty of examples over the last month or so to prove how much effort EA Sports has put into making FIFA 15 the most realistic yet, including adding all 20 Premier League grounds for the first time and scanning hundreds of players' heads to improve the accuracy on in-game likenesses, but the realism doesn't stop there.

Play as Barcelona and you'll immediately find that Luis Suarez is also banned in the game for the same length of time as he is in real life.

His real-life ban from all footballing activities, handed to him by FIFA for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup, applies to his appearance in FIFA 15 too. He is suspended in the game's career mode until 26 October.

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In addition, scouting or looking for him in the in-game transfer system will come up short.

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If you take charge as the manager of Barcelona, you receive an email from the chief executive of the club informing you that he is serving his suspension and is not available for selection. Suarez does still appear in the Ultimate Team mode though, with a rating of 89 per cent, so clearly the real-life ban doesn't apply to all aspects of the game.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.