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(Pocket-lint) - With E3 just gone and a flood of new and exciting games being announced or nearing release, Titanfall might have been forgotten - we're are a fickle bunch, us gamers.

However, there's still a thriving community of Titan lovers out there, shooting each other's nuts and bolts off everyday. And there will still be plenty of games fans who wonder why it got such high scores in the first place. Well, now they can try out the entire game for free thanks to a new scheme Electronic Arts has launched called Game Time.

Strictly for PC at present, through EA's online game store Origin, Game Time offers unrestricted access to games for a set period of time. Unlike Steam's free weekend incentive, that doesn't mean you are limited to playing a title over a set couple of days.

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Instead, Game Time works a bit like renting a film from Apple's iTunes or another digital service. As soon as you start to play for the first time, you have a number of hours or days before the period expires. Unlike iTunes rentals, however, Game Time is completely free.

With Titanfall on PC, players get 48 hours of Game Time. Other games will become available in the future and will appear in the Origin Free Games menu. They will also have different Game Time limits. You will naturally have to be an Origin member to take advantage.

When your time is up on Titanfall, should you wish to buy the game all your progress will be transferable to the bought version.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 20 June 2014.