Electronic Arts had few genuine surprises to pull out of the hat during its E3 2014 press conference, but the final reveal where Battlefront Hardline was unveiled along with the immediate launch of the PS4 beta phase, stole the show.

Battlefront Hardline has completely rejigged the franchise, pulling the action away from traditional solidering and war battles to the streets of Los Angeles - the location for the game's reveal. A battle still rages, but this time it is between the LA Police and well-armed criminals. And based on the gameplay shown during the company's briefing, it's loud, spectacular and different.

The full game will be released on 24 October in the UK for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but PS4 owners can already play the game as it is available to sign up to now for those who already own Battlefield 4. Go to the Battlefield 4 tiles in the menu and beta signup screen will appear.

Attendees of EA's media event also got the chance to give the multiplayer mode a spin as a huge bank of PS4's were opened to use at the end of the showcase.

PC owners will also soon be able to play the public beta, but must register to do so at battlefield.com.

Pocket-lint will be giving you our initial impressions on Battlefront Hardline in the coming days as we attend E3 this week.