Electronic Arts has finally added a single-player mode to SimCity. The latest update provides one of the most requested features since the game's troubled launch in January last year.

The new offline mode arrives as part of a major update to the game, which will be installed when you next boot it up on your PC or Mac. You can now play the game without the need for an active internet connection - which will be great news for those who want to play while they travel on a well-specified laptop.

Ironically, to push the update, EA has had to shut down its SimCity servers for today, 18 March, so it's just as well you can play it offline.

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The single-player mode offers multi-city maps for you to take control of. You won't get leaderboards, Citylog, achievements, friends list, player profile, the region wall or region invites, but you can access the global market - although prices are fixed in that case.

Sadly, the other much-requested feature that is missing - larger cities - are not something that EA ever plans to introduce.