In partnership with one of the biggest sensations on YouTube, The Slo Mo Guys, Electronic Arts celebrated the release of Battlefield 4 by getting Gav and Dan to create increasingly larger explosions and film them on their trademark Phantom Flex slow motion video camera at 2,500 frames per second.

The end results are amazing, not least because even they couldn't expect the outcome when they tackled a building with barrels of explosives.

First the Guys show the effect of a frag grenade on dirt. Then a similar frag grenade is lobbed into a puddle to show what that looks like when it explodes in slow motion. Then the "Huge Building Explosion" takes place in order to "re-enact scenes from Battlefield 4". It's well worth waiting for.

Battlefield 4 is available now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with PS4 and Xbox One versions hitting the streets from 22 November.#

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The Slo Mo Guys have had over 270 million views on YouTube for their videos, with over 80 experiments available to watch on their dedicated channel. Among the most popular include Giant 6ft water balloon, Football to the face, and Epic Mentos and Coke to show the effect the mint sweet has on a regular bottle of Diet Coke. All filmed in slow motion, naturally.