Alongside the full-fat console version of FIFA 14 EA has launched an app of the game. But don't think it scrimps - this is a full 1.27GB download that adds new controls to fantastic graphics and immersive gameplay.

The app, which is free to download today, lets you play the game without paying anything. EA plans to make money from in-app purchases. Things like Ultimate Team points and unlocking of additional game modes, like Manager and Tournament, will cost users but prolong the life of the game.

FIFA 14 for mobile offers 33 real-world leagues including more than 16,000 players - with real-time updates alongside real-world injuries, suspensions and changes in form.

Last year's FIFA 13 cost $7 to buy so this jump to a free game and inclusion of new and improved controls should come as a welcome surprise to fans.

Download FIFA now for iPhone and iPad or Android.