After first promising a June debut, the Mac version of SimCity will now release in August.

EA Maxis announced the postponement on Thursday, without providing a new release date, although the video game developer claimed the two-month delay would ensure the Mac version was a "great experience" for players. 

"Today we are announcing that we are moving the release date of the Mac version of SimCity to August," wrote EA Maxis on the SimCity blog. "We have made this tough decision because we do not believe it is ready for primetime yet."

EA Maxis had previously announced in April 2013, just one month after SimCity for PC officially launched, that the Mac version would release on 11 June. Server and connectivity problems notably overshadowed SimCity's PC debut and forced EA to temporarily turn off enticing features while it issued updates with fixes.

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As a gesture of goodwill, EA Maxis told Mac players it would extend the availability of the SimCity Launch Park, which originally released in an earlier update, to all players who have purchased the Mac version.

"Thanks again for your patience and understanding," EA Maxis added. "See you in August!"

Mac players will be able to purchase a copy of SimCity on its Origin distribution platform when the Mac version finally launches in August. In addition, if players have already bought the PC version, they will be able to download it and play on the Mac for free.

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A SimCity Amusement Park expansion pack launched on 28 May through Origin as downloadable content. The DLC enhances the look and appeal of the city and provides "more things to do" - like running an Amusement Park - as a mayor.