As well as giving Pocket-lint tonnes of time with the latest build of FIFA 14, EA has released a new gameplay feature that highlights some of the new features we believe are true game changers on this year's edition.

We have waxed lyrical about Precision Movement in our full hands-on preview, and how it now uses step-by-step animations to make players behave and feel more like the real thing, and now you can see it in action for yourself. Plus, how Pure Shot affects players when they set themselves to hit the ball, and how the new Real Ball Physics put swerve and add more realistic trajectory.

Pocket-lint will also be at E3 in a week's time to check out more on FIFA 14, with a look at the Xbox One and PS4 versions hopefully. But for now, take a look at the trailer and see exactly why we're so excited about the current-generation console versions, let alone the next.

FIFA 14 will be released on 27 September for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. A release date for the Xbox One and PS4 versions is yet to be revealed.

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