A SimCity Amusement Park expansion pack leaked this month and now EA has officially confirmed it will launch on 28 May through Origin as downloadable content.

Gameplay scripter Jason Halvorson announced the new pack on Friday in a post on SimCity's blog. Although he didn't provide pricing details, he said the DLC would enhance the look and appeal of the city and provide "more things to do" - like running an Amusement Park - as a mayor.

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The city chiefly earns money from the Amusement Park, so users need to plan and build their tourist attractions efficiently to maximise profits, Halvorson explained. There are lots of modules and customisable features available in the park, such as signs, main attractions, secondary attractions, concession stands, mini stations, park gates and benches. 

"When you build your first amusement park gates, you'll notice that not all of the modules are available to you right away, wrote Halvorson. "Worry not, they’ll become available as you increase your daily profit and upgrade your park to higher levels (just like Casinos)."

SimCity is available exclusively on Origin for the PC.