SimCity will get its first major update since launching earlier this spring to address several issues that have accompanied the online-only game. 

When it first launched, server downtime resulted in many angry gamers, prompting free games being awarded by Maxis (a division of Electronic Arts). Now the game studio hopes to alleviate further issues that have been found. 

Most notably, the new version of SimCity will address air pollution coming from nowhere, inexplicable fluctuation of tourists, the removal of phantom audio, and 23 other fixes.

Version 2.0 of SimCity will hit users 22 April and will bring the servers of the game down for “a few hours”. It will start at 4pm EST, a time Maxis has chosen by looking at peak usage to affect as little gamers as possible.  That means no gaming for you on that day given the online-only component.

Many users have knocked Maxis for leaving out an offline mode. In March, Maxis chief Lucy Bradshaw revealed SimCity could have included an offline component, but “rejected that idea because it didn’t fit with our vision”. Version 2.0 isn't any different.