Monster has teamed up with EA Sports to bring us the EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster, seeing the headphone company launch its first gaming accessory.

Partnerships between game and headphone companies are nothing new - there are the Gamecom Commander headphones from Plantronics or the World of Warcraft 'phones from Creative, but this has the feeling of something altogether different.

The EA Sports Monster headphones have been designed specifically as a gaming headset, and bring with them a new technology, Monster HDHS - or high-definition headphone surround - to the LAN party. It's claimed  this technology gives the most-realistic sound experience for gaming, music and movies, without the need for multiple speakers.

This is powered by Gamebox, an amplifier and processor developed specifically for Monster HDHS. It is compatible with PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles, so whatever your flavour of gaming, the EA Sports Monster headphones should do the trick. 

As an added convenience the headphones are foldable, so you can take them with you on your travels, and naturally feature a microphone for online banter.

The EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster headphones will be available in black or white and use "precision crafted materials". It's claimed that the on-ear pads provide exceptional comfort and fit, something we'll judge once we get our hands on some.

These being Monster headphones, we're sure they'll perform well too, but as you might expect, they will cost you a fair wedge: $269.99, to be precise.

The EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster will be available from February 2013.