Zynga has gone all old school after revealing plans to convert some of its gaming titles into physical board games in partnership with Hasbro.

One of the first to get the treatment will be Cityville, which is to become Cityville Monopoly in its board game form. Instead of houses and hotels however, Cityville will see players compete for dominance by building skyscrapers. 

Other classics to be remade include Hungry Hungry Herd, which takes its origins from Farmville, though will be more familiar to gamers of a certain age, as Hungry Hungry Hippos, minus the hippos.

Words with Friends will also be unveiled as a board game, with both a standard edition and a deluxe edition that includes a rotating board. Finally, fans of Draw Something will also be able to play a board game version when it is unveiled in late October or early November, though details are currently scarce.

Both Cityville Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Heard are arriving in October for $24.99 and $22.99 respectively while Words with Friends will be out the same month with the standard version costing $19.99 and the deluxe $39.99.

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