(Pocket-lint) - Electronic Arts is planning on creating enhanced versions of some of its best-selling iOS games in order to make the most of the new iPad's dramatically improved screen resolution and graphics processing.

Nick Earl, the games giant's senior vice-president of global media and social studies, has revealed to Macworld that updates of titles such as the new Mass Effect Infiltration are forthcoming.

"Apple is once again pushing the boundaries forward and as a developer and publisher, we thrive on that opportunity," he said.

"We're already working on versions of Mass Effect Infiltrator and Real Racing 2, among other games, that will take full advantage of the new iPad's capabilities. Expect even more-stunning graphics and intense action."

Mass Effect Infiltrator was Pocket-lint's App of the Day on its 6 March release. Since then, it has regularly been in the top ten on the iPad section of the iTunes App Store, even though it costs £4.99. It can also be used with the new Mass Effect 3 to help your "Galactic Readiness Rating" in the console or PC version of the RPG.

Its graphics are already a bit special on the iPad 2 - just imagine what they'll be like in 2048 x 1536 pixels.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.