This week Mass Effect 3 became the first video game in Space, after BioWare launched the game, literally, ahead of it going on sale next week.

BioWare, the game's developers, teamed up with the Project Aether team at University of Houston and students from the High Altitude Balloon Club at Texas A&M University, to launch the game attached to a high-altitude weather balloon.

Video was recorded as the Xbox 360 edition of Mass Effect 3 reached heights of 100,000ft and speeds of 150mph. The flight time of the balloon from which we've got the video was around 1hr 40mins, as the balloon journeyed into the stratosphere and back down to Earth again. 

Launching in Cambridge and crashing down in south-east London, Mass Effect 3 survived its flight to the edge of Space. Unfortunately the weather was typically British, so a little too much cloud on take-off and landing. We've cut the video down to under 4 mins - the best moment is when the space balloon bursts half-way through. 

Mass Effect 3 sees the return of Commander Shepard to save the galaxy from the Reapers. You can read our initial play here whilst you wait for our full Mass Effect 3 review next week.

Mass Effect 3 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on 9 March 2012.