A video has been posted on YouTube showing, what has to be, one of the most audacious kills ever in Battlefield 3, and as such has seen nearly 6 million hits on YouTube since its upload.

The manoeuvre involves the downing of an enemy fighter, however despite the player involved - gamer tag RendeZook - having a perfectly functioning fighter all of their own, it seems their skill set lies elsewhere: namely in the handheld anti-tank (anti jet) department.

Rising steeply RendeZook then ejects from the fighter, takes aim at the pursuing craft and narrowly missing his own jet fires a single shell at the enemy. What happens next we'll leave to the video as we'd hate to spoil the ending completely.

Needless to say the entire Battlefield 3 and, for that matter, wider gaming community is heaping praise on the stunt; clearly, for RendeZook, the long hours have paid off.