Battlefield 3 is now out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and to celebrate, publisher Electronic Arts unleashed a fleet of unique taxis onto the streets of London.

Called Tanksis, for obvious reasons, the customised 16 tonne Abbot tanks offered lifts to commuters hoping to beat the early morning rush. Or, alternatively, drive over it...

"Tanksis have been brought to the Capital to make the urban battlefield that is London’s roads more of a joy than the daily chore they currently are," said EA's Tom Goldberger. "We wanted to launch Battlefield 3 in style and are looking forward to ferrying excited game fans and commuters around the city today."

Rumours that EA was conversely to send out a fleet of normal black cabs onto the streets of Tripoli were proven to be unfounded.

Battlefield 3 has been awarded a mighty four and a half stars in the Pocket-lint review. You can read more here.