The CEO of Electronics Arts, John Riccitiello, has given 3D gaming somewhat of a dressing down, casting doubts regarding its profitability.

When 3D saw its re-emergence back in 2010, the web was awash with excitement on how it was going to change the way we watch TV and play games. However, a year later and the fallout left from all the hype has settled, leaving us with a 3D situation which, although popular in cinemas, is struggling in the home.

And this situation is even more apparent with 3D gaming. As Riccitiello said: "Frankly, we have not seen a big uptake for 3D gaming. We haven't seen a big uptake for 3D televisions in the home, at least not yet."

Instead it is the social side of gaming that is seeing the most profit, with the CEO adding that "our allocation of resources have been toward the new [social] innovations that are growing more rapidly." This has been clear in recent releases, with games like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit bringing social gaming to the fore with its Autolog function.

More evidence for this lack of desire for 3D gaming comes from recent news of the Nintendo 3DS getting a price drop - clearly it's not quite hitting the mark.

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