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(Pocket-lint) - EA's Origin download and social network has finally found a home on mobiles - with the company announcing that it would function on both PC and smartphones. 

Origin is EA's gaming download store and social network, similar to Valve's Steam except with added friendliness. 

You can now use Origin to purchase software online on your PC or interact with friends and play with them both at home or on your mobile.

In a similar take on things as Xbox LIVE and the PSN, you need a single sign on to view exactly what your friends are up to. Origin can also import friends from Twitter and Facebook, useful if you want to keep gaming geekiness private from other social platforms. 

“Now we are adding a full layer of mobile to Origin,” said EA's senior vice president Chip Lange. “It lets you find out what your friends are doing," he added. 

Origin on the mobile can be used to compete against friends in games like FIFA or to beat high scores others have left on apps like Need for Speed Shift 2.

Admittedly things do sound a bit similar to Apple's Game Center at this point, but we welcome anything that encourages a bit of app competition on the mobile. 

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Do you like a social network for your games? Or are you happy just playing them?

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