EA's FIFA creative director Gary Paterson has hinted that the next instalment of the popular football franchise, FIFA 12, could include player stories and hinted that sagas like Wayne Rooney's contract dispute are "interesting" in terms of the game.

"I think the idea of creating stories throughout the year is something we're very interested in," he said, in an interview with PSM3.

"It's about creating a football world you immerse yourself in...Things to do while the transfer window's closed is certainly something that we're looking at."

So, picture this if you will: You rush out to the shops to buy FIFA 12, rush home, slap the disc into you console and 9 hours and four cans of Red Bull later you're top of the Premier League with Chelsea and Fernando Torres has already banged in 20 goals. Happy days.

But what's this? El Niño isn't settling in well in London and he's seen John Terry making eyes at his wife Olalla. Oh dear. And now he's slapped in a transfer request as he hears that Barcelona could be interested in him.

The stuff of fantasy maybe (although anything is possible given what has gone on in the transfer market this week) but also the sort of gameplay improvement that could see FIFA stay ahead of Pro Evo in the football sim championship.

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