There's no doubt about it, iPhone, and specifically, iPad games are becoming more advanced as time goes on. They're also being tarted up in the graphics department too. And while the sketchpad and doodle styles of some games still have a rustic look about them, they can barely hold up against the latest batch of titles, each featuring the sort of cell shading and light effects normally only seen on a home games console.

We're certainly not complaining. Who'd have thought that we'd be playing games with more graphical flourish than the PS2 was capable of on a touchscreen tablet device? Even 6 months ago, we would've told you to get out of here. However, here we are, and here is...

iPad (also available on iPhone / iPod touch)

Reckless Racing HD, the iPad version of Electronic Arts' new game, has two strings to its bow. Firstly, it's one of the best looking games on any Apple device, with superb lighting effects, gorgeous scenery graphics and interactive elements, but also, it offers good, old fashioned gameplay from a bygone era when you couldn't tear us away from our Sega Megadrives.

You see, this particular game is a top down racer in the mould of Micro Machines, possibly the best game ever released.

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Styled around the southern states of America - stereotypically, the redneck belt - Reckless Racing is a rough and tumble dash around muddy, slippery tracks, as you can take on the computer (in differing skill levels) and even your friends.

There are 8 tracks (3 more than with the iPhone version) and each can be whizzed around in a sort-of tournament mode and online in a multiplayer frenzy. There's also a time attack option (Hot Lap), where you can race against other player's ghost cars. And there's even a third game mode which reminds us of a top down version of Crazy Taxi, where you have to pick up and drop off trailers in a set amount of time.

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As good as Reckless Racing looks, it's definitely the simplicity of the gameplay that has you coming back for more. There are several different control types, although we preferred the first simple left, right, accelerate, brake one. Others let you have the representation of a steering wheel on screen, or tilt the iPad, but both got in the way of the action, we feel.

The only thing we would've liked to have seen, especially as we've been crying out for an iPad version of Micro Machines for some time, is weaponry to blast your opponents off the road. However, for what it is, and the £2.99 cost, this will more than make do for now. Superb!

What game would you most like to see come to the iPad? Let us know in the comments below...

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