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(Pocket-lint) - Fifa has announced the details for its data farm that will cope with all the extra web traffic during the World Cup. Based in Slough, the data centre will have 75 whopping computers to deal with the estimated 70 million page views an hour that are expected during busy periods.

Fifa.com is reportedly going to attract over 5.5 billion page views during the month-long duration of the tournament, and with video highlights and high resolution images on the top of most surfer's agendas, that's some pretty humongous bandwidth issues right there. For video alone, Fifa is predicting 2 Petabytes (which is 2048TB) of video streaming.

Matt Stone, who heads up new media at Fifa said: "This is the first social media World Cup, where ordinary fans can become instant pundits from their living rooms. As the most popular sports event site in the world, FIFA.com will provide the authoritative content to bring the online football community together.

"Slough was the natural choice for FIFA.com to house its additional bandwidth requirements", he said". The state-of-the-art venue offers security and will ensure rapid delivery of the online experience to fans".

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A glowing reference for Slough from Fifa then, a bit more complimentary than the one that Ricky Gervais' David Brent gave of it during The Office when he read aloud John Betjeman's poem about the town.

What sites will you be following the World Cup on? Are you a Football365 fan, or do you keep it mainstream with The Guardian or the BBC?

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