Looks like EA Games is bringing its record-breaking game - The Sims 3 - to consoles. In EA's financial reports, which have just been issued, a placeholder called "The Sims 3 on Console Title" is present - scheduled for a Q3 release (i.e. in time for Christmas).

We don't have any more information than that at this stage - it could come out on any or all of the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP. We wouldn't be surprised if mobile phone versions started showing up, either - EA have a respectable track record in mobile gaming.

Elsewhere in the reports, EA revealed that a giant loss has turned into a small loss, which is good news for the company. Dragon Age 2 is set for March 2011, and Dead Space 2 has been mysteriously withdrawn from the PC. Crysis 2 is set for a Christmas 2010 release, and APB and Medal Of Honor will both be arriving by September.