Disney Interactive has released a second sequel to the award-winning and hugely addictive Where's My Water? And this time the company has focused it around its number one star, Mickey Mouse.

Where's My Mickey? features retro-looking versions of the mouse and his chums and new features have been added to the tried and trusted gameplay - as also found in Where's My Perry?

Instead of the action playing out exclusively underground, as in the previous two titles, the new game also has open air segments, and with that introduces weather effects to control and use. Mickey is still after water, but how he gets it will require some all new thought.

The game is available for iPhone, iPod touch and Android, costing 69p and 64p respectively. There is also a HD version for iPad, called Where's My Mickey? XL, which will set you back £1.49.

You get several levels featuring the main star, with 20 puzzles in each, and two puzzle sets featuring Goofy are available as in-app purchases. What's the betting that other big Walt Disney cartoon characters appear in further add-ons? Donald? Minnie?