Disney Interactive has unveiled a new game, dubbed Disney Infinity, which takes popular characters from Disney and Pixar and "integrates collectible character figures that come to life in the game".

On sale this June for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, mobile and 3DS, the collectible characters will interact with the game via USB. Twenty characters will be available at launch, though Disney has detailed only three: Captain Jack Sparrow, Sully, and Mr. Incredible. 

“Disney Infinity combines prominent Disney and Pixar characters and scenarios in a way that mimics how kids play in real life,” said John Blackburn, vice-president of Avalanche Software, the firm partly responsible for the game. 

Single-player mode will be based off which character you have and will include activities like battling enemies, overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles. Here you can earn weapons and other unlockables to be used in multiplayer.

Taking a page out of Minecraft, players will be able to use their characters to interact in the "Toybox". Players can build their own world in the Toybox with up-to four people and share them online with others in the community.

"The more you play, the more you unlock so the story never ends," says Disney. No word on pricing.

Anyone else think this is awesome?