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(Pocket-lint) - Here's something you won't get to do every day: use a London building as the canvas for playing an Augmented Reality game reminiscent of Donkey Kong on your smart device. But that's exactly what Disney has made possible in the run-up to its UK cinematic launch of Wreck It Ralph.

The forthcoming Disney flick already has a soft spot in our minds because it's based on classic console gaming from the 1980s and 90s, and includes cameo roles - assuming, that is, fictional characters can do such a thing - from Sonic The Hedgehog, Dr Robotnik (Eggman to our US friends), Street Fighter's Ken, Ryu and many more.

Pocket-lintdisney s wreck it ralph turns london s brick lane into augmented reality playground image 3

The real-life promotional playground, dubbed "8 Bit Lane" in reference to classic consoles of the era, is tucked away down London's brick lane by The Old Truman Brewery. Just to the side of The Big Chill Bar there's a huge canvas overlaying a building with the instructions: "Play This Building. Download Blippar". It's a quirky play on the usual street art of the area.

We needed little persuasion to Blipp the world's first Blippable building as there was no need to "insert coin" here. 

Pocket-lintdisney s wreck it ralph turns london s brick lane into augmented reality playground image 2

With Blippar open on a compatible smart device the building morphs to life right in front of your eyes, with the Disney protagonist climbing up and smashing windows. It's your job as Fix It Felix Jr. to fix them up and score points.

Elsewhere on the street are a classic 8-bit-styled London black cab and more. The Twitter hashtag is #8BitLane - take a browse and see what other members of the public are tweeting.

Movies, computer games, augmented reality, social media and trendy central London back streets - it was a modern day Disney-tastic tech cocktail of fun for we 'Linters. Here's hoping the movie will be as much fun.

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