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(Pocket-lint) - Good news, Where's My Water? fans, Disney has released an update to the popular iOS game that not only brings 20 new levels to complete, but also adds iCloud support to "synchronise your hard-earned progress across mulitple iOS 5 devices".

The update, version 1.5.0, released on Thursday, adds a ninth chapter of Swampy's Story and gives you an excuse to play the game once again - yep, you've got another 60 ducks to collect. 

Dubbed "Rising Tide", it is a free update featuring 20 new levels, new collectibles and a new way to play, according to Disney in the blurb for the game in the App Store.

"Control where the water flows through the intricate network of pipes! Use valves to divert water to Swampy's bathtub while working with fans, switches, and triggers! Timing is everything-will you accept the challenge of the Rising Tide?"

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Those who've been keen to sign up to the app, and the in-app purchase Cranky's story, will also be able to enjoy 60 levels - that's a further 20 if you are counting -  with the latest chapter Cranky chapter "Bulking Up".

Gamers who like to dart between their iPad and their iPhone will also be pleased to hear that the game now comes with iCloud support to synchronise your "hard-earned progress across multiple iOS 5 devices". That means "one game, multiple devices", according to developers.

It's a move that Apple has yet to confirm that is possible with Game Center or iOS 5, but a trait we've noticed multiple developers now adding to their feature lists.

For new iPad users, the disappointing news is that the app doesn't add Retina Display support. 

Have you taken on the new challenge? Let us know in the comments below.

Writing by Stuart Miles.