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(Pocket-lint) - Where's My Water?, the app store giant that has sat atop download charts around the world, is to get a resolution update to match the new iPad's screen.

Talking to Pocket-lint, Bart Decrem, SVP of Disney Mobile, explained the update was top of his list of priorities. "We have a new technology that we use across a number of our apps, including Where's My Water? to deliver assets over the air," Decrem said.

"Obviously it's a priority, although I don't have the exact timing in my head."

It's no surprise that an app as successful as Where's My Water? is going to be getting the resolution bump so quickly. Like HD versions of apps for the original iPad, releasing "Retina display" resolution apps will probably mean that developers can get an extra download push from the updated version, as well as taking advantage of the new display's capabilities.

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The recently launched Mass Effect: Infiltrator and many of Electronic Arts' other apps are also to join the high-resolution brigade on the iPad. There is no confirmed date yet for EA's 2048 x 1536 versions unfortunately.

Until the first iPad Retina display apps begin appearing, we can't be sure just how long the updates will take. There is no doubt that most of the App Store's big boys will be slogging away this week in order to get things ready for the 16 March launch - after all, there are going to be lots of new iPad owners with empty iPads to fill.

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.