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(Pocket-lint) - Alienware has revealed its vision for the future of home gaming with a project titled Concept Nyx.

The idea is that homes will have a beefy central rig that powers gaming across devices on the local network.

Alienware envisions a cross-platform application that will allow you to instantly jump into any game in your library, no matter what platform they were purchased on, from a TV, smartphone, laptop or pretty much any smart device.

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Then you will be able to seamlessly switch devices, from a desktop to the living room TV for example. You can also 'pass the controller' virtually to someone in another room, say if you need to get dinner out of the oven or get stuck on a particularly challenging boss fight.

The project comes from the team that brought us Concept UFO at CES last year and uses a controller very reminiscent of that design.

The overarching goal is to bring gaming in line with other forms of media consumption, such as watching Netflix, that can easily be done on mobile, tv, smart displays and more.

The tech can power up to four game streams concurrently and allows for different games to be played in split-screen mode on the same TV - if multiple people want to play different games in the same room.

At this stage, it's just a concept, but Alienware hopes to implement its learnings in future products. We think it's inevitable that the gaming experience will become as easy as streaming a movie, just how long that will take to reach homes remains to be seen.

With products like Stadia suffering due to remote server issues, maybe a local streaming rig is the answer the game streaming industry has been looking for.

Writing by Luke Baker.