Last night, the 15th, couldn't have gone better for Blizzard and the launch of the latest World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade.

Cold, wet and windy it may have been, but that didn't stop upwards of 3000 eager gamers queuing for much of the day to get their hands on a special edition copy of the game and being able to meet designer Jon LeCraft.

Ray Li, 22, a student, was first in the queue, arriving at 5:40am. Number two, Elliot Stewart, 19, got there at 2pm and was surprised he wasn't number one! Many fans turned up in costume and added to the sense of occasion.

There had been concern about the success of the event given that retailers had started to sell the game the previous weekend, breaking a sales agreement.

Generally, new software in the UK goes on sale on Friday, but exceptions can be made if events are planned. However, once a retailer takes delivery of the games there is little to stop them selling them as they please.