Back in March this year, Pocket-lint revealed that a new version of the classic isometric role-playing game Baldur's Gate was in development, using an updated version of the Infinity Engine and featuring a swathe of improvements and tweaks. We also revealed that as well as coming for PC and Mac, it would make its debut on the iPad.

Now Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is a gnat's chuff away from release on 28 November, and Overhaul Games has made a gameplay trailer to ramp up the excitement before it becomes available - and we like. We like a lot.

The development team says there have been more than 400 improvements to the original Dungeons and Dragons-licensed game and its expansion pack, Tales of the Sword Coast, which is bundled. In addition, there are three all-new characters you can add to your party and a new adventure, The Black Pits.

You will even be able to play multiplayer across devices on the new version. So if you have the iPad version you will be able to play with other gamers using PCs, Macs or - when it arrives - the Android tablet edition of the game.

A stack of features that Bioware added to Baldur's Gate 2 have been brought into the Enhanced Edition, including new classes and sub-races. And there are a number of new cinematics created for this release.

We're not sure of how much Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will cost on the iPad as yet, but it is already available for pre-order on PC for $19.99. Check out for more information.