Bethesda has announced three downloadable installments for Fallout 3, due out next year.

First up will be Operation: Anchorage in January, which will be a military simulation taking players back to the time that the Chinese invaded Alaska.

The second installment will be The Pitt in February, which will see players facing tricky allegiance decisions in the remains of Pittsburgh.

Lastly Broken steel will arrive in March, where players will be recruited into the Brotherhood of Steel and take the journey of Fallout 3 beyond the end of the main game.

So far there's been no word on pricing, the only hint we've had is from vice president of Bethesda Pete Hines, whosaid the DLC would be very similar to the Oblivion add-on, Knights of The Nine.

And if that is anything to on, Knights of the Nine cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live (£6.80), and had a fair few hours of gameplay to boot as well.

Hopefully the DLC will be as good as the main game, which has sold four million copies worldwide since its release in October.