It's E3 2018 time, which saw Bethesda showing-off its roster of forthcoming titles for the year and beyond. As usual, the publisher followed the Xbox briefing, which traditionally kicks off the show on the Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

We knew that Fallout 76 would play a big part in Bethesda's showcase, but that it was be an always-online game? That's the big news. As was the announcement of Doom 2, a mobile Edler Scrolls game for iPhone, and much more besides.

Read on and catch the full video showcase again for all the #BE3 info.

How to watch the Bethesda E3 2018 press conference again

You can watch an on-demand version of the event below (or in the main window above, on desktop).

It's also available to watch on Twitch.

What games were announced at the Bethesda E3 2018 4th annual showcase?

Here are the highlights of what to expect this year:

Rage 2

After Andrew WK playing live we got to see a deeper dive into the first-person open-world shooter, which is developed by Swedish veterans, Avalanche Studios.

Doom Eternal

Oh yes, the sequel to Doom is coming. Eternal will come with twice as many demons as the first game, but details are thin on the ground beyond this, with Quakecon 2018 being slated as the event to reveal more details. Looks like you'll have to wait until August!

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Set in the future from where the previous games finished off, Wolfenstein: Youngblood features BJ's twin daughters... which means it's possible to play it solo or as co-op experience! Hurrah.

Fallout 76

What we thought would be a soft follow-up to Fallout 4 turns out to be a huge change for the game: because it's always online and every character is played by a real person. So whether you want to play solo or team up with people, the choice is yours.

Like Fallout 4, Fallout 76 has a building and crafting system. Build with teams, build where you want, then move your builds to anywhere else you want.

It's like Fallout meets Destiny meets Minecraft.

Elder Scrolls: Blades

Elder Scrolls for mobile and beyond. The game, which will first show on iPhone, is set to become a massive multiplayer online cross-platform game, as Bethesda opens support for Android devices, consoles, PC and VR platforms. You read that right: it's cross platform, so you could play on your iPhone X while someone half way around the world is pitted against you in VR.


A glimpse of Bethesda's first wholly new IP in 25 years. It's a single player that's set in space and, well, that's as much as is being revealed right now...

Elder Scrolls VI

In a non-traditional fashion, Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Games Studios, announced what's coming in the further future. And yes, it's "the one we've all been asking about": Elder Scrolls 6. That's as much as we know, but that sets a great stage for E3 2019.

Also announced during the Bethesda 2018 press conference

Skyrim 'Very Special Edition'

Ok, ok, so it's not a real thing, but Bethesda's piss-take of where Skyrim will be coming next was a temptation too big to resist. Alexa skills, Samsung Smart Fridge, Motorola pagers. Check out the tongue-in-cheek video above.

Prey: Mooncrash

There's a free-to-download update for Prey, by Arkane Studios, which is available right now. Yep, now. Go get it. It introduces three new game modes: Story, New Game and Survival Mode.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilots

Ever wanted to see Wolfenstein for VR? Well, here it comes.

Elder Scrolls: Legends

The current card game will be getting uprated visuals later this year and will also be made available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.