(Pocket-lint) - Bethesda pulled a great surprise out of the bag at the start of its E3 press conference in June, with the announcement of Quake Champions. But we were only treated to a pre-rendered trailer of the new competitive Quake game that didn't really give much away.

Now QuakeCon is underway in Dallas and a new trailer has emerged, one that shows pure, fast and furious gameplay.

The first-person shooter reminds us a lot of the original Quakes, naturally, but also the Unreal Tournament franchise. There were fears during E3 about the different characters and abilities shown at the time, but looking at the action in the latest collection of clips, everything we know and love has been retained - including rocket jumps, oh yes!

The game promises to be incredibly quick and will certainly satisfy the hardcore fans. It also promises to be smooth, much like the recent Doom reboot. Even the YouTube video runs at 1080p in 60fps.

It'll be a while before you get your hands on it, however. A closed beta is planned for 2017, but beyond that no release date has been discussed as yet. You'll have to keep your eyes on Quake.com to keep up to date with how to get onto the beta.

Bethesda is even yet to reveal what formats it will be coming to, but we expect PS4, Xbox One and PC at least.

Writing by Rik Henderson.