Bethesda had a bumper 2015 with some of the biggest games of the year. In 2016 its looking to capitalise on that success, releasing the likes of Dishonored 2 - which was unveiled at last year's E3 - before the year is out.

But Dishonored 2 didn't garner the biggest crowd reaction at the company's media conference in east LA. That (ahem) honour was down to Skyrim Special Edition, the remastered re-work for new-gen consoles, or the announcement that Elder Scrolls Online would be opening-up its the world of Tamriel to all its players, irrelevant of level.

Kicking things off, though, was the return of Quake, which has been on long-term hiatus. Quake Champions is its new guise, a battle arena multiplayer online game, with id software at the helm.

Here are the best game trailers from the Bethesda showcase at E3 2016.


Our favourite title from the showcase, hence putting it up top.

Prey, from Arkane Studios - the studio behind Dishonored - is set in the Telus 1 space station. You play Morgan, in a seemingly "normal" futuristic setting. But things couldn't be that easy, could they? Oh no.

Cue first-person mayhem in a title that hasn't revealed its all just yet, but it's definitely got our curiosity levels up. Expect this one next year, but no official date has been set just yet.

Dishonored 2

The company's biggest title of the year, Dishonored 2 follows-on some 15-years later from the end of the first game. You play as the grown-up Emily Caldwin, age 25, or as her protector - delivering male and female protagonists as the main character choices.

It's great to finally see in-game footage, which reminds us why we loved the first game so much. But things are different for round two: the “void engine” delivers gorgeous, stylised visuals, while there's apparent verticality to the levels giving greater breadth to explore the world and its dust district.

First-person play, some puzzling, stealth, and eerie supernatural powers add up to one tip-top looking game. It'll be out for PS4 and Xbox One on 11 November this year.

Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim is one of our favourite games ever. As open-world RPG epics go it's second to none. And now it's coming to the current-gen, with PS4 and Xbox One getting the Special Edition treatment.

That means the full original game, all its DLC packs, plus gorgeous re-rendered artwork. It's not only higher-resolution, but there are new effects for light, water and all those defining factors that make the vast world of Skyrim so darn appealing. It'll be out on October 28 this year.

Quake Champions

Everyone loves Quake. After Doom it's id software's defining game when it comes to first-person multiplayer.

Quake Champions, however, we're not too sure about. We've got Evolve for dark style 4v4 battles, while Overwatch twists the arena format on its head with cutesy fashion. Quake Champions has its own art style, but doesn't look distinct or laden with the kind of dark-style personality.

It does have one calling card that the hardcore will appreciate though: this PC game will run at 120fps without limitation, so fast action is guaranteed. The next big eSports title assured? It could well be… no release date confirmed just yet.

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Bethesda VR

Ok, so not strictly a trailer, but the announcement that Bethesda would be committing to virtual reality was perhaps the biggest surprise of its conference. It showed-off Fallout 4 and Doom in VR guises, using HTC Vive, and we got to sample the former at the after-show event.

It's a surreal experience putting yourself actually into the wasteland, but worth it just to take a glance at your Pipboy or fire a Fatman missile at a two-headed cow. Yeah we did. Take a browse at our hands-on experience below:

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