(Pocket-lint) - Remember when Bethesda released a limited edition real world version of the Pip-Boy wearable from its Fallout 4 game? Now it's taken that to another level with one that actually works with your phone too. Vault dwellers rejoice.

The Pip-Boy: Deluxe Edition, unlike the model released last year, can actually connect to your phone via Bluetooth to work for real. The last model was more of a shell that held your phone. This Pip-Boy has its own screen, hardware and software built-in so that it can operate with or without your smartphone or tablet. Plus it looks identical to the RoboCo Industries' Pip-Boy Model 3000 Mk IV.

The Pip-Boy: Deluxe Edition will allow you to take calls, view contacts, set alarms, read text messages and even displays Fallout screens like data readouts for Status, Special and Perks screens from the game. On top of that the holotape slot is actually a USB drive and the device is even able to play audio files. All this stuff can be controlled using the actual knobs and dials which work just like the model in the game. The Pip-Boy also comes with a stand that doubles as a charging base and more powerful speakers.

The Pip-Boy: Deluxe Edition will be available to pre-order now with a release date set for 11 November. There is a $350 price that's been announced but Bethesda has said it will only be producing 5000 models, so if you want one you'd better be quick.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.