The long-awaited, next generation Doom is out today, or Doom 4 as it has previously been called. It's in shops and available as a digital download for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and ahead of a full review, we're looking back at the history of the first-person shooter series that essentially started it all.

For the last 23 years, almost every major game out there has a lot to thank Doom for - the FPS titles at the very least. It wasn't the first FPS, but it introduced elements to gaming we'd really never seen before. And had us all battling each other over LAN connections at work, much to our bosses' dismay.

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Now, with the 2016 version being true to its origins, we take you through a pictorial history of the main games in the Doom series. You can see how much it's changed graphically, although we'd argue that many of the originals are still cracking games today.

We've also thrown in a load of screens of the latest Doom for good measure. So click through the gallery above and we hope it whets your appetite to once again go to hell!