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(Pocket-lint) - Bethesda dropped a mighty bombshell at its E3 press conference: Fallout 4 will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 11 November this year. No waiting around until 2016 for one of the most hotly anticipated games of the new-gen.

Todd Howard, game director at Bethesda Game Studios, showed off the new open-world role-player in greater depth and it looks like there are plenty of things to look forward to. Here are some of our Fallout 4 favourites:


Weapon customisation

There are over 700 weapon modifications, so you can really go to town when crafting weapons. Collect many of the thousands of objects located around Fallout's post-apocalyptic landscape and deconstruct them for parts which can be used when modifying.

Your dog can go fetch

Man's best friend is a key part of Fallout 4. Although your canine friend adopts the rather unoriginal name of "dog" - we were hoping for something a little more thoughtful - you can use him to fetch objects or even use him as an attack dog.

Settlements can be constructed

Settlements are dynamic spaces that can be constructed and arranged by your own hand. Grab scrap and reuse it to build properties, grow your settlement, arrange power generators and various defence mechanisms. The bigger and more advanced your settlement the more traders you will attract.

There's a Pip Boy app

The second screen experience is increasingly common, and in Fallout 4 you can download the Pip Boy for iPhone. Make those armour, repair and inventory adjustments on the fly. Or, should you pre-purchase the definitive collector's edition, you get an actual wearable Pip Boy to put your phone in. "As far as stupid gimmicks go this is the best f-ing one I have ever seen", joked Howard. Bonkers 

Craft your character

Play as a man, play as a woman; craft your facial features, skin colour, and minute details to be whoever you so wish. Even your offspring will follow those chosen genetic and physical traits.

There's a jetpack

Oh yes, flame-fuelled propulsion. Who doesn't love some of that? It's unclear how or when this jetpack will become available, but we already want one.

It began life in 2009

The post-apocalyptic parallel universe of Boston in 2075 sure does look more detailed than any Fallout game before it. It's the "most ambitious game world we have ever made" quipped Howard, adding, "player freedom remains our absolute number one goal". No surprise given that design started back in 2009, with the last four years dedicated to developing the game.

Bring on November 11 we say. Fallout 4 has a lot to live up to, so we live with high hopes that it can deliver.

Writing by Mike Lowe.