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(Pocket-lint) - Bethesda will be formerly showing off the new version of Doom at its very first E3 press conference prior to the show this year but has teased us with a brief glimpse of what to expect. It has released a pre-show teaser clip which actually shows a gnat's chuff's worth of the game.

The very brief clip features one of, what must be, the enemies in the game but little else. We'll have to wait until Sunday 14 June to find out more. Bethesda's press event will be held at 7pm PT, so that's 3am Monday 15 June for night owls in the UK.

It could very well be worth burning the midnight oil though as rumours abound that the company will also announce plans for Fallout 4 during the event too.

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The new version of Doom is said to be dispensing with the dark horror tones of more recent instalments in favour for the bright colours and fast action of its classic years. Its developer is thought to be reintroducing fast strafing, speedy loading times and respawns, and the ability to carry as many weapons as you like, at least in multiplayer. It wants the action to be as madcap as before, but utilising more modern graphic systems - in this case, using the idTech engine.

After Bethesda's fantastic and fun re-imagining of Wolfenstein, we have a lot of hope for this too.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.