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(Pocket-lint) - Simulator setups can be pretty involved - anyone who's started to dabble in Microsoft Flight Simulator this Autumn is probably learning that - and racing simulators are no different. You might start with a humble racing wheel, but if you're not careful you'll find yourself remortgaging your home to afford an all-in-one setup like the one Aston Martin's just unveiled.

The AMR-C01 is a collaboration with Curv Racing Simulators, and is a luxury home simulator, with luxury being the key word - the simulator's price starts from £57,500 before tax, so it's very much for those with cash to spare. You could buy an actual car and have money leftover to build an absolutely eye-melting gaming PC for that price, but the AMR-C01's got some seriously unique selling points. 

It looks for all the world like a sort of personal spaceship, using the seating position from the Aston Martin Valkyrie to get you set up in an immersive situation. The bodywork is all carbon fibre, replicating and drawing inspiration from Aston Martin's many gorgeou motors, and is available in a whole range of colours - although there are only ever going to be 150 made, so a bit of flexibility makes sense.

The simulator packs in an absolutely huge QHD Samsung curved monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio to actually play your racers on, with a built-in PC centring around a Nvidia GTX 2080 GPU powering the graphics. There might not be any Ampere tech here, but it'll still make F1 2020 look really, really good.

It also brings its own top-of-the-line steering wheel built in, in the style of a Formula One car but will a little less complicated extras, and a full pedal box with 200mm of travel to make sure that you really feel like you're driving. 

You can find out more about the simulator on its website, where you can also order one if you've got a bit of spare change lying around.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.