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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has been rumoured to be working on its own cloud gaming platform for more than a year, with reports intensifying at the end of 2019.

Now we know what it is being called internally: Project Tempo.

The New York Times dropped the name in an article about Amazon's push to become a major games publisher and developer.

The company will launch its second game and first triple-A title, Crucible, in May, with another massively multiplayer skirmish-em-up, New World, to follow after - but those will be more traditional releases, for consoles and PC.

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Project Tempo, on the other hand, will be a direct rival to Google's Stadia, Project xCloud, Nvidia GeForce Now, and PlayStation Now.

There are few other details on it at present, but previous rumours came about after Amazon posted job listings for positions in a new cloud game business back in January of 2019.

It was then suggested in November that Amazon's cloud gaming plans would surface later this year. However, that could have been scuppered by the coronavirus outbreak, pushing any announcement back.

Still, the fact we now know a name is a new step. And, with Amazon owning one of the world's largest cloud computing networks, it certainly has the knowhow and potential to build a low latency cloud gaming service to take on the might of Google and Microsoft.

Writing by Rik Henderson.