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(Pocket-lint) - The Amazon-owned Twitch has been running a paid membership tier for a while now, but if you haven't been tempted to join before your head might be turned by the fact there are free games every month.

Like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, Twitch Prime gives away free games to download and keep each month. Twitch Prime membership is included with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. If you have either, you need to link your Amazon and Twitch accounts to get the free games.

This means that access to Twitch Prime costs just £7.99 a month or $12.99 in the US. That subscription not only gets you ad-free viewing across Twitch channels, exclusive emoticons, chat options and a chat badge but these free games as well.

The company has recently announced the list of games that Twitch Prime members can download this month. We've got the info. 

King of Fighters 2002

As you might have gathered from the name King of Fighters 2002 was released way back in 2002 but was a solid fan favourite. Along with classic characters, this game came with the "Quick Evasion" and "Max Activation" mechanics, which made battles even more thrilling.

"KOF 2002 is the 9th entry of the KOF series and is still highly praised around the world to this day thanks to its return to the series' "3-on-3 battle" flagship system and the numerous returning fan favorite characters."

Samurai Showdown 2

"They've licked their wound, improved their techniques, and now they're back! The world's 15 fiercest warriors clang steel in a fast and furious fest of fencing festivities. Use new characters and new feints of Fury to hack, slice, dice and Julien fry your way to victory"

Blazing Star

Another retro game from SNK. This one is fast-paced side-scrolling shooter with space-ship packed fun. This game is the sequel to Pulstar, that's also included with this month's free games. 

"Choose between 6 spaceships with various strengths and join the endless war between the planets Remuria and Mutras. Progress through the game by shooting down enemies with split shots and charged-up attacks, and by picking up power up and bonus items. "

Fatal Fury Special

If you're into retro fighting games, then you'll love this one. This game dates back to 1993 and includes the original eight characters from Fatal Fury 2 as well as some others. Fatal Fury Special has a real retro vibe to it as well as a style that reminds us of Street Fighter. 

"Fatal Fury Special pits 15 different fighters against each other. By building on the appeal from the previous game with its two-lane battles, special moves, and powerful finishers, and further improving on the series' formula, this game is truly worthy of the title special."

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max is a quaint puzzle platformer with plenty to keep your brain ticking over. 

"Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic adventure filled with action-packed platforming and creative puzzle-solving. Armed with only a Magic Marker, Max must confront evil at every turn in a hostile and fantastical world in order to save his kid brother, Felix. Join Max on his great adventure!"

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Other games included this month are:

  • Art of Fighting 2
  • The King of Fighters 2000

Other free stuff

As well as these free games, Twitch Prime subscribers also get access to free in-game items this month. Some content is available now and more is coming soon for these games:

  • Apex Legends
  • DOOM Eternal
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Legends of Runeterra
  • Mafia City
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Runescape
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
  • Words with Friends 2
  • And more
Writing by Adrian Willings and Rik Henderson. Originally published on 14 March 2018.