Americans are about to get an alternative to singing "Your so Vain" and "American Pie" this September as Harmonix and MTV Games are hitting the road with Rock Band to promote the game.

Encouraging bars to sign up across the USA, "Rock Band Bar Nights," promises to give "bars a cutting-edge in-bar entertainment option to help increase foot traffic and provide Rock Band fans with the opportunity to take the stage for a true rock star experience."

According to the dedicated site, bar owners will get help in hosting and promoting their own Rock Band Bar Nights with access to the full Rock Band catalogue featuring more than 800 tracks.

To entice general carnage and ridicule of their drinking members, bars are asked to sign up before the 8 September to get "an exclusive five-song preview disc from The Beatles: Rock Band."

Would an event like this make you run or run away from your local boozer? Let us know in the comments below.