Guitar Hero developer Activision has announced that you'll be able to import older songs from previous games in the latest version; Guitar Hero 5.

The news, which is likely to be welcomed by fans of the music game series, means that songs from both World Tour and Smash Hits will be able to be carried over into GH5. However, don't get too excited - it's not going to be free.

Although the publisher has yet to release pricing details, there will be a charge for bringing over your classics that you've already paid for, something that is likely to annoy gamers who've already shelled out once for the songs.

158 World Tour songs currently available, 152 of them will work right away with GH5. It seems likely that the developers will work towards full completion in time. Rock Band 2, a competing title from the makers of the original Guitar Hero, has always allowed owners of its games to import tracks from the first version of Rock Band for a nominal fee.

Guitar Hero 5 is due out in Europe on 18 September.