Getting the latest video game could be about to get a lot more expensive following the news that Activision is slapping a premium on its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 and PS3 titles.

Fans of the hit First Person Shooter (FPS) will be expected to shell out £55 when the game is released in November, taking video gaming to a record sky high price for a title without accompanying accessories.

Industry pundits are worried that if the game still proves successful, it will allow other games publishers to increase prices with possible damaging effects to parents and gamers pressured into buying the latest video games this Christmas.

Activision has moved to justify its price hike, telling gaming industry magazine MCV:

"If you look at the amount it costs to see a movie at the cinema or play a DVD, you watch it once and you’re done. A £55 game of this quality is far, far better value".

Jumping on the news, EA, one of the world's biggest publishers in the business, has confirmed that it won't be raising prices, for now.

“There has been no change in our trade pricing policy and there will be no change in RRP", the company said.

However, the new higher price from Activision doesn't seem to have affected the final street price yet, with both Amazon and selling the game on pre-order for £10 under the stated RRP.

Whether the two companies are using their strength and buying power to be able to reduce the price or whether they are trying to buck Activision's move is not certain.

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